Club Open Day

The club is holding an open day on Saturday 12th April from 10.30 am to 4pm. If you are interested in playing the game, just want to find out about it, already play but are not a member of any club, are visiting from another club and fancy a game, play but want some advice on how to improve or are just curious about the game why not come along during the day.

The game can be played by all ages and of every ablity.

We will have hot and cold drinks and biscuits freely available during the day. If you wish to bring your own food  that is fine, there are several picnic tables on site.

We aim to make the day child and family friendly and have equipment for children to use and are reserving an area for family use. Young children should be under the supervision of a parent whilst on the playing area. There is also a play area in the park close to the community centre.

We will have basic information about the game for you to take away and there will be people to show how the game is played.  We will also be organising a couple of competitions so you can see how good at the game you can be.

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  1. Guy Moody says:

    Wrong ‘hear’, should be ‘here’.

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